Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID cancellation policies?

You can cancel your trip until 48 hours before your estimated check-in time in case of any restrictions due to Covid-19. This includes cancelled flights, lock-downs, illness, etc. You will get a full refund OR voucher for your travel in the future (as you prefer). To get the refund or voucher, we would ask you to provide simple proof of your cancelled flight, illness, lock-down regulations of your country or test result.

Can I wild camp in Portugal?

  • Wild camping remains forbidden in Portugal.
  • We advise visiting campsites. This contributes to the local economy and prevents the degradation of nature.
  • Some cities provide free parking for campervans
  • Check our blog post Camping rules Portugal for more info

How much cost a camping site?

The costs are between 10 and 20 € on average for two persons with tent and a car. You can check our blog post about the top campsites in south of Portugal (Algarve & Alentejo). We recommend to install app Park4night where you can find all campsites nearby you and most of the times with prices information.

Can I check-in earlier than 15:00?

The regular check-in time is 15:00. Only in case, there is no previous booking, we can provide you the car more early. We will inform you about this possibility one day before your arrival.
If you arrive early at Faro airport, you can take the bus (Proximo: time schedule) directly from the airport (PT: aeroporto) to the city (Faro) or to the beach (PT: Praia). You can receive your car at any location in Faro. Alternatively, you can enjoy traditional Portuguese food at restaurants 1000m from the airport (called “A Tapita” or “Os Manos“).

Can I check-out later than 11:00?

A late check-out is only possible if there are no other bookings on your car for the same day. If this is possible, and you have interest in checking out later, we will inform you one day before you check-out date.

What happens if the van breaks down (malfunction)?

You call us (00351 966715383) and depending on the problem and the distance to Faro we decide what to do. If it is an easy-to-solve problem, we call the road assistance that will fix the problem at the spot. Because the mechanics often do not speak English, we communicate the problem for you. In case of a bigger problem, you will be brought back to Faro by the mechanics and you will either get a substitution van that we have reserved for this kind of situation or another alternative camping solution. We will try everything to make the situation as convenient for you as possible.

P.S.: Our Campervans are relatively new and until now there was never a malfunction.

Requirements for renting a car/campervan

You need to:

1. Have a driving license valid in EU.

2. Present an identification document: passport or European identification card.

3.1. Hold a driving license for at least 3 years.

3.2. Hold a driving license for at least 1 year and have some driving experience. In this case, you will need to take “Advanced” insurance option.

Rent-A-Tent: Where to find cheap rental cars and what to consider?

The easiest way to look for a rental car is to search on platforms such as https://www.rentalcars.com/ or https://www.billiger-mietwagen.de/. To further decrease your costs, you could try to contact directly the car rental provider, which often saves the administrative costs of the distribution platform. In Faro, the cheapest rental car starts at ~8€/day in the winter and ~25€/day during summer. We recommend to book at least a medium sized car to have sufficient space for two persons. Note: In order to book also our surf boards, you must rent a car with five doors! Stand-up paddle can be transported easily inside the car.

How much costs the use of Highways?

All highways in Portugal are paid. Our vans are equipped with highway toll readers. The use of toll streets will cost you a one-time processing fee of 10€ plus the tolls of the highway. On average, you can expect fees for the highways of ~10€/100km plus our one-time processing costs of 10€.

Can I add insurances packages or equipment during check-in?

Yes, you can add insurance packages, surf boards, internet and anything you need during your check-in. We take cash & credit cards.

How does it work with insurances?

We provide following vehicle Insurances options:

Basic (for free, included in the rental price) *: € 1,500 deductible, one driver allowed, holding at least 3 years driving license, mileage included 200 km per night.

If you cause an accident through your own fault, the Basic insurance pays for damage and injuries to the other party involved in the accident. However, you have a € 1,500 deductible. This means you have to pay for damage on the rented vehicle up to € 1,500 yourself. Likewise, if the car or parts are stolen, you are liable up to € 1,500.

  • Example 1: The damage is € 1,000: you have to pay € 1,000.
  • Example 2: The damage is € 4,000: you only have to pay € 1,500; we will take over the remaining € 2,500.
  • Example 3: Someone else causes an accident and assumes him/herself guilty, while your innocence is proven: You pay nothing.
  • Example 4: If you rent for 7 nights, you can drive up to 1400 km, additional kilometres costs € 0.25.

Extra insurance packages:

Advanced (limited risk package) *: € 400 deductible, two drivers allowed, holding at least 1 year driving license, mileage included 300 km per night, and glass and tyre damages are covered.

  • Example 1: You broke a window of the vehicle: You pay nothing.

Complete (all-included package) *: € 0 deductible, two drivers allowed, holding at least 3 year driving license, mileage included 400 km per night, and glass and tyre damages are covered.

* None of our insurance options cover the following damage and / or loss:

  • Personal items, car equipment, or damage to the interior (e.g. seats, interior walls, radio, etc.);
  • Damage caused by vandalism or theft from the vehicle;
  • Fines (parking, etc.) or damage caused by improper or negligent use or incorrect fuel;
  • Damages caused by someone else to the rental vehicle without complete documentation of the accident. If you are innocently involved in an accident, the other party involved in the accident pays the damage to the rental vehicle. But: It is your duty to identify the other party and those involved in the accident (vehicle registration number, names and contact details) and to document the course of the accident (report, photos, etc., if necessary, police protocol). Otherwise, you alone will bear all the damage.

In the event of an accident, we are always available for you (24/7) and help you to contact the police, deal with the paperwork, identify the guilty, and everything that is necessary for a transparent handling of the incident. This service is free!

Can I check-in or check-out in Lisbon or Porto?

Unfortunately, no. Because we are a little company we cannot provide this service until now. But we are working on environmental friendly solution to provide this service. Please hold on…