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  1. Aspects to consider when choosing a beach to hang out
  2. Cacelha Velha
  3. Praia de Faro
  4. Albufeira: From Praia dos Arrifes to Praia da Galé
  5. Praia da Albandeira
  6. Benagil: beach and cave
  7. Praia do Carvalho
  8. Praia do Alemão
  9. Ponta de Piedade – Lagos
  10. Praia da Boca do Rio
  11. Praia do Amado
  12. Praia da Amoreira
  13. Praia do Vale de Mil Homens
  14. Praia das Adegas (Naturism)
  15. Praia da Amália

Best Beaches of Algarve & Alentejo - Portugal

(This post is still in development.)

The south coast of Portugal is rich in beautiful beaches, with cliffs and rocks, or long sandy beaches, located in isolated nature or near cities with cafes, bars, and water fun rentals. Some of our beaches were considered the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world. We will show you the best beaches in the south of Portugal and tell you the highlights of each.

When choosing a beach to hang out, consider:

  1. The tide of the ocean. Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels. Some beaches are so small, that when is high tide there is no remaining sandy space to lay (e.g. Praia do Camilo, Lagos)
  2. The weather. When it is windy and cold, it is warmer and more comfortable in the beaches that are protected by cliffs from the sides (e.g. Praia do Barranquinho or Praia da Albandeira).
  3. The surrounding area. Consider how you want to pass the time at the beach. Some beaches have facilities such as restaurants, WC and SUP/surf rentals. Other beaches are in wild nature with no facilities.
algarve & alentejo beaches map

1. Cacela Velha

It is a pretty sandy beach, that forms the end of the lagoon of Ria Formosa. In the village you will find few restaurants with local sea products. It is only possible to have access to the beach during middle or low tide.

Location: Map here

2. Praia de Faro

It is a 5km sandy beach located on an island with access by car, on one side is the ocean and on the other side is the lagoon of Ria Formosa. On the island, there is a campsite with a view to the lagoon, plenty of restaurants and several public WCs. It is a good surfing spot from autumn to Spring, but not during summertime.

Location: Map here

3. Albufeira caves: From Praia dos Arrifes to Praia da Galé

This is an area of 5 beautiful rocky beaches with cliffs and caves. It is a perfect area for hiking and for making Stand-up-paddle tours to see the caves of Albufeira. Rent with us a SUP and know more about SUP here. Almost all of those beaches have coffees working all year round and Kayak & SUP rental during summertime.


4. Praia da Albandeira

It is a beautiful beach with cliffs, famous for its stunning arch in the water. Good area for hiking and for making SUP and snorkel. Nearby there are other small unknown beaches, such as Praia do Barranquinho.

Location: Map here

5. Benagil: beach and cave

Benagil Cave is the most wellknown cave in Portugal, and perhaps in Europe. You can only reach the interior of the cave by swimming, SUPing, or kayaking. It is easier to swim/paddle to the cave at low tide.

Location: Map here

6. Praia do Carvalho

This is small quiet beach protected by cliffs, with access by a tunnel through the cliffs and has a big rock in the water. It is known place for cliff jumping. See here a video. Also perfect for snorkelling and SUP.

Location: Map here

7. Praia do Alemão

This is a beautiful beach with cliffs and a perfect starting point for a SUP tour. Paddle to the right side to see all the caves and cliffs of Alvor. Also, it is a famous area for hiking, with a hidden unknown beach Praia do Submarino, also accessible by walk.

Location: Map here

8. Ponta de Piedade - Lagos

This is area with group of rock formation near the coastline of Lagos, famous for SUP and snorkelling. Start your SUP tour in Praia do Camilo and paddle to your right side to see inaccessible beaches. You can also book a boat tour in Lagos to see all those cliffs and caves.

Location: Map here

9. Praia da Boca do Rio

This is medium-sized beach surrounded by nature, nothing is around. In both sides there are high cliffs and beautiful trails for hiking. A long time ago it was a small Roman village where rice was cultivated.

Location: Map here

10. Praia do Amado

This is large beach is very famous for surfing with good waves all year around. On the beach you can find a snack bar, WC, and several surf school/rentals. The highlight: Everyone is learning to surf and having fun, making a good ambient among surf beginners.

Location: Map here

11. Praia da Amoreira

It is a beautiful beach with big sand dunes and a shallow lagoon on the left side. It is well known for surfing and the lagoon is perfect for a bath when the ocean is too cold or wild.

Location: Map here

12. Praia do Vale de Mil Homens

It is large beach, typical from the west-coast, with access by huge wooden staircase, usually with few visitors.

Location: Map here

13. Praia das Adegas (Naturism)

Adegas beach is one of the few official nude beaches in Portugal. It is located in in a small cave right next to the bigger beach of Odeceixe. It is a quiet and small beach surrounded by high cliffs, thus protected from the wind. Best to visit during the low-tide.

Location: Map here

14. Praia da Amália

The access to the beach goes via a relaxed but not easy hiking path. The beach is very quiet, surrounded by wild nature, and it has a small waterfall on the beach. This beach was named after the best well-known Portuguese Fado singer – Amália Rodrigues – who was passing holidays in a house right in front of the beach.

Location: Map here

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