About Us

About OceanCamper®

Our mission is to give you an unforgettable easy-going camping experience in Portugal with simple and functional camping gear for a fair price.

We Offer

  • Small campervanstents and camping equipment.
  • Surf, stand-up paddleboards, snorkel and sports equipment.
  • Route advice suited to your hobbies and interests.
We want to share with you one of the prettiest places in Europe, sunny and pleasant weather, safe and free camping experience, tasteful Portuguese gastronomy and the joy of water sports in the Atlantic Ocean.
Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

We aim to protect the environment with our first attempts of reducing plastic material and providing you biodegradable washing detergents, soap and shampoo.

Easy Camping

Small, agile and fuel efficient. Our campervans are the choice for people that like the easy way of camping.
Environmental Awareness

Greener Camping by Downsizing

As nature & ocean lovers, improving our environmental fingerprint is a real affair of the heart and we are constantly searching for greener ways of camping. Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030. Our first approaches include:

  • Only using renewable electrical energy to power our shop and e-mobility.
  • Only using electrical devices with maximal energy efficiency such as LEDs for illumination.
  • Reduce plastic usage whenever possible (e.g. using biodegradable garbage bags, plastic-free or recycled plastic kitchen material, water filter).
  • Provide our guests with biodegradable shower gel, shampoo and dish detergent.
  • Provide small campervans with low fuel consumption (5-7Lt/100km).

Hopefully, you as our next guest can help us by making small actions towards keeping the nature and camping spots as clean as possible.

We are constantly improving our CO2 footprint, and will keep you updated. If you have suggestions for greener camping solutions please feel free to write us to info@oceancamper.com.

Our philosophy

We are fair, friendly, courteous and, above all, reliable. We love to share with our guests everything we know about camping, places, cities and beaches in the Algarve and all of Portugal. We want to give you an unforgettable camping holiday. And we want you to come back with a smile and nice memories. We work hard for that.

How it started

My name is Nina. I always loved travelling and camping in an easy and cheap way, appreciating the nature, ocean, rivers and lakes. In the beginning, I started renting out my camping equipment, surfboards and my personal van through Airbnb and I received amazing feedback from my guests and an excellent rating (2018: 4.9/5). Afterwards I founded a little company NomadCanguru, lda and the brand OceanCamper®, offering campervans for 2 persons, camping equipment and sports equipment for a fair price. Now I already have a little team working with me in this exciting little business.