24 December 2020

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Paddleboarding Algarve

The Algarve coast is a dream place for stand-up-paddling (SUP)

Paddleboarding Algarve: We offer stand-up paddleboards. Ask us for a quote for renting a SUP for your trip. The boards are:

  • i) inflatable, so you can store it in the campervan or car
  • ii) one board can be used for up to 2 persons

Well-known beaches for SuP

  1. Praia de FaroRia Formosa Estuary is located in the north of Faro Beach and is good for SuP when is a mid and high tide; Map here
  2. Praia dos Arrifes – Albufeira Caves (Start in the beach of Arrifes and paddle to the right side until Praia da Coelha passing through caves on the way; Map here)
  3. Praia da Albandeira – the famous Arc of Albandeiraand caves nearby; Map here
  4. Benagil Cave – The most famous cave in Europe. Start in Benagil beach, and paddle to the left side to Benagil cave, and further on find another cave “Arco Natural”; Map here
  5. Alvor – Start in Praia do Alemão, and paddle to the right side to reach beaches inaccessible by foot; Map here
  6. Ponta de Piedade – Lagos has plenty of beaches to make SUP; Map here
  7. Vila Nova de Mil Fontes – It is a village on the West Coast with a calm big river aside; Map here
  8. Lake Barragem do Arade – inland, very isolated place, with only nature, no people, no houses;  Map here
  9. Lake Barragem do Funcho – inland, very isolated place, with only nature, no people, no house; Map here
  10. Lake Barragem de Santa Clara – inland, quite isolated place, Map here


-In the ocean: do not SUP when there are big waves or strong winds.

-In rivers: never paddle inside/around/in direction to a place where the river meets the ocean. The currents there are very strong, and it is very dangerous!