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  1. Tips for e-camping
  2. Where to charge your electric campervan?​
  3. Why e-camper?

eNomad: The first 100% electric campervan for rent in Portugal

We have a great pleasure in opening a new page in camping history, a new product, truly eco-friendly and ready to use: 100% electric campervan. Over the year we gained experience in building mini-campervans and now we apply our best knowledge to present you an electric camper.

What is included?

Our eNomad is the first 100% electric min-campervan in Portugal with an effective autonomy of 250km. The interior is optimally designed with a spacious kitchen drawer, big 31L electric cool box, USB charger and shower connected to an extra battery. In addition, the e-Nomad has a water deposit, camping table, chairs and a bed fitting two persons. If the bed is folded, up to four persons can sit inside the car. This car has many extras, such as automatic transmission, parking aid, USB, Bluetooth, extra battery, cruise control and much more.


How is works? Camping with electric vehicle?

You will receive the eNomad with a full battery in Faro, for you to drive up to 250km the day you arrive. During the check-in, we will explain to you how to charge it on public networks or campsites, what you will need for that, and how to find charging spots. Also, we will explain all the features of the car. We recommend renting this car if you feel comfortable driving an automatic car.

Where to charge your electric campervan?

  • Campsites – Charge your campervan during camping (~2.5€/100km)
  • Shopping centre – charge while shopping (~8€/100km)
  • Tank stops – Fast charging on the road (~10€/100km)
  • City centre – charge while discovering a city (~8€/100km)

Tips for e-camping

We recommend charging the van in the campsite during the night. When you arrive to the campsite, first thing to do after parking the van is to plug the van to electric grid to maximise the charging time. That is the most relaxing way of charging the car. During 12h charging time you will be able to recharge around >50% of the battery. This is usually enough for a daytrip until you return to the campsite at night.

Alternatively, you can charge on highways using the fast charger within 30 min (at 100kW) or 60 min (at 50kW). Other chargers that are often in public spaces (e.g., parking lots near the beaches or city centres) mostly allow you to charge the car with 11kW, which will take 5 h for a full charge. You can find all existent charging stations in Portugal using the miio app.

We recommend staying in Algarve and Alentejo (West Coast), which is in max. 170km from Faro. This allows you to reach reliably the next campsite with one battery charge and some remaining back-up kilometres.

Why e-camper?


In times of ever rising CO2 emission, and the European Goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission in 2030 by 55%, we try to do our share by offering a zero-emission electric camping solution. What makes our eNomad interesting is not only a low carbon footprint, but also the smooth and silent driving, allowing you to arrive elegant and relaxed your destination. You will be astonished about the technical advancements an electric vehicle brings and you can easily conclude that an autonomy of 250km is enough to reach your next campsite or charging spot.
A little thought: Portugal has one of the highest renewable energy shares, contributing up to 78.4% of all energy sources, and rising. E-mobility is worth-it because the costs for combustion fuels rise year by year, while electric energy is one of the cheapest in Europe. At our Ocean Camper shop, we also charge our electric campervans with electricity from 100% renewable energies.

If you have any question about e-camping, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ocean Camper wishes a safe and pleasant camping holiday in Portugal.

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