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  1. Why solo travelling?
  2. Advantages of solo travelling
  3. Safety and social environment
  4. Suggestion for activities

Why do some people choose to travel alone?

Sometimes it‘s just needed for a break from the hustle and bustle of life. It could also be that there is no partner or friend who has the same holidays as you. And there‘s no time to waste, life is too short to spend the precious holidays at home.

It is a perfect time to reflect about the wonderful life, nourish your body and mind, write some personal notes and plans. Rent your campervan for a road trip with us here!



Advantages of solo travelling

Only you decide where to go, the route, the plan and activities to do.

Full control of the budget of the trip.

It‘s very relaxing, perfect if you‘re looking to restore your body & mind.


Portugal is a fairly safe country. However, it‘s still better to sleep not totally isolated, but near to another campervan. Get in touch with your neighbouring campers, say something friendly likeHey, I will be camping here overnight too. It‘s been a great weather today. If you need anything I‘ll be here.

Social environment

The environment in camping and surfing activities is very social and friendly. You can easily meet new people just in the local surf bar, in surf/yoga lessons, or with the neighbouring campervans. Usually people are very social, they may come to you to say hello and it‘s easy to start a conversation.


Suggestions for activities

Guided tours and lessons you can find in Airbnb Experience, Trip Advisor and other websites.

  • Reading books, news, courses and tutorials.
  • Listening podcasts or audiobooks.
  • Yoga or Pilates lessons at the beach or nature.
  • Have a drink in a local surf/beach bar, it is an easy way to meet other travellers.
  • Hiking: there are plenty of fascinating hiking trails by the coast. Find it in this hiking App: AllTrails
  • Surf: rent with us a surfboard & wetsuit, price: 11€/day. See the best surfing beaches here.
  • Surf lessons/courses, is also a good way to get in touch with some other people who often also are travelling.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding: rent a SUP & snorkel set with us and explore all the wonderful caves of the Algarve. Price 12€/day. See here the best beaches for SUP & Snorkel.
  • Guided tours by kayak or SUP, from 40€.
  • Bird-watching tours by boat or kayak in Faro and Olhão.
  • Boat or safari tour for visiting caves and observation of dolphins, from 30€.
  • Boat tour for relaxing, can include dinner or afternoon drink.
  • Boat party, usually start in Vilamoura, Albufeira and Lagos, with DJ, from 45€.
  • Snorkelling tour near caves, from 40€.
  • Skydiving: tandem, from 130€, see more in Skydiveseven.
  • Wine tasting & tour

Thank you to our wonderful guests for the photos. All photo credits to @oliviags_photography Olivia-Grace Smith Photography and Luke Shields.

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