Top 10 camping Apps and Websites



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  1. Park4night
  2. Google Maps tip
  4. Homecamper
  5. Portugaleasycamp
  6. WC
  7. AllTrails
  10. Beaches web camera

Camping is all about flexibility. But be prepared to be flexible!

The success of a relaxing camping trip depends on your preparation and planning, but also on the tools you use for it.

Camping is an activity known for its flexibility when travelling, where you can change your plans, routes and ideas. The only thing you need to be sure is the dates of checkin and checkout of your campervan. The rest of the plans you can create on the way, according to your preferences, the weather and the activities you decide to do. Book your campervan in Faro – Portugal with us, here.

We will provide you with a list of mobile applications and websites that can be useful during your camping trip.


Best camping Apps in Portugal and Europe:

1. PARK4NIGHT: Find a place to sleep overnight: campsites, parking sports, spots in nature, and parkings. With pictures, comments, and reviews from users. Link here.

2. GOOGLE MAPS: Be prepared to use it offline: download the map of the region where you will be travelling, as shown this photo. This way, you can save mobile data during your camping trip and drive even if there is no more data.

3. MAPS.ME: Off-line maps GPS navigation. It´s a great alternative for maps in off-line mood. Link here.

4. HOMECAMPER: It is like a Airbnb for campervans. Find a place to sleep overnight in campsites, private parks and lands, for low prices. With pictures, comments, and reviews from users. It has a website here and an App.

5. stay overnight at a farm for 10-30€/night. In addition, you always will get a welcome basket with the farm´s products, such as wine, cheese, olives, fruits or vegetables. Know more here.

6. WC: You may need to find a public toilet near to you with a App WhereIsPublicToilet (only for android, link here) or Toilet Finder (android and apple, link here). about toilet management when camping in our Blog post here.

7. ALLTRAILS: App for finding best trails for hiking. It is organized by difficulty, length, and attractions (waterfall, beach, cave, etc), with photos and reviews from users. Link here.

8. This is a website for finding and monitoring wildfires in real time near you. In the dry season, wildfires can be a serious threat in Portugal. Try to avoid areas where a wildfire is happening.

9. A website that provides detailed forecasts for surfing, weather, tides, sunsets, and sunrises for each beach in Portugal. This information is also useful for Stand-up paddle and hiking.

10. Webcam for beaches: Check out the weather, waves, and views of the beaches before you drive there with a live webcam. In Portugal, many of the best beaches have a live web camera. You can check them out on the website, or To be able to see the life video you will need to turn off the addblocker of your browser.

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