Finding Toilet when camping



Ocean Camper CEO

When camping in Portugal with a small campervan without a toilet, arises a question about the management of the need of using the bathroom.

Here are some suggestions for WC locations:

  1. WC in the campsites: we advise to sleep overnight in the campsites. There you will find not only all good WC conditions but as well the hot shower, a place to wash your dishes, clothes, and trash bins. In sum, all necessary for keeping the camping activity nature friendly.
  2. WC in the beaches: in Portugal, during the summer months, most beaches have PUBLIC toilets. Sometimes these toilets are behind a coffee/bar on the beach or in the building of the beach bar, but they are free for use for everyone.
  3. WC of coffees/restaurants: when you will need to use the bathroom, you can go to a coffee or restaurant, consume something, and use their facilities. In Portugal and Algarve there any many good restaurants and coffee with ocean view, or nice ambient. Take your time to enjoy the coffee or meal.
  4. WC in the supermarkets: big supermarkets also have bathroom. You can combine your plans with the daily food shopping.
  5. Others: Also, there are public toilets in the centres of the towns, you can find those in the mobile apps WHERE IS PUBLIC TOILET (only for android, link here) or Toilet Finder (android and apple, link here).

Lastly, we would like to ask our dearest camping community to:

  • Do not leave any toilet paper in the nature. Toilet paper takes years to disappear due the dry weather of Algarve.
  • When leaving trash in the waste container, close well the lid. Consider that wild animals (such as birds, foxes, seagull, wood mouses, boars, squirrels, and lynx) can easily rip the plastic bag and spread the trash in the nature.

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