Surfboards & Bodyboards Rentals

Portugal is one of the best places in Europe to surf!

Have a look at our surf & camp guide to find out where are the best beaches for surfing and how to check the surf forecast, make sure you don´t miss a good swell!
You can rent surf/bodyboard:
– Together with your campervan/tent booking
– Separately, book only the equipment here. We provide a rooftop fixation for cars (suitable for any car with 4 windows or 4 doors) and you can pick it up in our shop in Faro.
Surfboard 7.0
Surfboard 8.0
Surfboard 8.6
Bodyboard set
– 8.6′, for beginners
– 8′, standard board
– 6′, board for who knows how to surf
– Includes the board and the leash
– 42′ good for surfer up to 85Kg, for all kinds of waves
– Includes board, fins, socks and bodyboard leash
Book only equipment here