Mini Heater Rental

The temperature in the south of Portugal during the day are around 12-20°C (usually sunny). During the night, temperatures usually drop to 12-15°C, but may decreases to 8°C at the most. Anyway, you will get always from us a very cosy and warm blanket that is suitable for these temperatures. In case you want to have it even warmer, book with us your heater. Electric heater (1000 W) with a 230V extension cord (25 m) that can be used on campsites to heat-up the van during winter (e.g., during the night). You must connect it to the electric grid in a campsite.
You can rent an electric heater:

– Together with your campervan/tent booking.
– Separately, only the electric heater and pick it up in our shop in Faro, book here.

Mini Heater
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