24 December 2020

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Camping in Portugal

Camping in Portugal

Camping means being connected to nature & the ocean, discovering paths, relaxing in the sun, cooking tasty meals outdoors, enjoying traditional Portuguese food, and is the pure enjoyment of the simple way of living.

Choosing the neighborhood yourself and traveling freely wherever you want is the best way to discover Portugal.

Our App Tips

Park4Night is for free and will help you to find campsites and camping spots, with comments and pictures.

WhereisPublicToilet or Flush are free apps for Android and Apple, respectively, that list all public toilets next to you.

The best camping spots change from time to time. Upon your arrival, we will inform you about the current best camping locations.

Attention, wild camping is strictly forbidden in the natural protected areas and parks. In these places, we recommend using campsites and camping in farms that offer a camping place, see here www.portugaleasycamp.com

It is also forbidden to make a fire during the dry season in Portugal. We recommend using in the campsites the small bbq that we provide for free with a campervan or tent. For this, you only have to buy coal, that makes minimal smoke, and you will be able, not only grill fish, meat and vegetables but also warm up feet while drinking a glass of wine and appreciating the stars during the night.

What you will need

  • Sun cream: use a strong protection cream in the first days, avoid to be in direct sun during summer from 11 am-16 pm
  • After-sun cream: help your skin to heal from aggressive sun
  • Mosquito cream: in Portugal you can be disturbed by mosquitos all the year
  • Warm clothes: due to humid weather, you can expect to have a little bit of cold during the evenings near the ocean or when it is windy
  • Health insurance or European Health Insurance Card: especially if you are an active-sportive person. Bad luck can happen while hiking or surfing.